Karma┬╣ Learning is designed to help OLPC deployments in situations where internet access is limited or unavailable. It is also designed to support use of the laptops in the classroom (i. e. in support of the instructional objectives of the school).

This website is under construction, but is intended to help those who are supporting one or more schools in use of the OLPC laptops or who may want to do so. Part of the site will be technical, describing how Karma Learning has been implemented. Part of the site will be directed at those who want to know what it can (and can’t) do in a school environment. Part will provide the information needed by those plan to use elements of Karma in an OLPC deployment. A vital part will provide or provide links to educational resources which can be used with Karma. Most of these resources will be available under open licensing, although some will require permission of the copyright owners.

A community is formed from those who share common interests. In the case of Karma, the community consists of those who would benefit directly from the laptops (children and teachers), those who are interested in making them available, and those who would like to add to their value. Welcome to the community!

┬╣ The name Karma refers to Rabi Karmacharya, co-founder of OLE Nepal and, in many ways, the father of this project.